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1.Deal with all kinds of financial receipt.
2.In charge of daily stock cash, check cash journal and custody of cash and ensure the daily cash need.
3. Take good care of a variety of blank checks and bills, in charge of deposit and withdrawal of bank.
4.Responsible to daily checking of the details of bank account of company.
5.Issuing tax invoice as per accountant requirement.
6.Provide the necessary documents and bills to accountant for all accounting statement.

Financial, accounting and other related professional, college or above,22-30 years old
One year or above casher experience
Good learning ability,independent,good at financial analysis.
Careful, responsible, excellent communicate skill and team work.
Keep company and related business secret.

Shanghai local people on priority.

1. Extra year-end bonus according to the annual profit status besides 13 months salary.
2. 5 days annual leave after one year's employment.

Tel:021 -52042175
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