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Financing Accountant

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Financing Accountant

1. Reliable, responsibile, and virtuous.
2. Bachelor degree or above, major in Fiance and Accounting, or relevant speciality. 
3. More than 3 years' banking, accounting and financial management experience, CPA qualification will be preferred.
4. Familiar with export tax procedure.
5. Management skills 

1. formulating and improving managing systems or related implementing rules of circulating fund plan.
2. Supervising and forecasting cash flow, maintain rational balance between debt and capital.
3. Overall management and operation of company fund, rational risk control.
4. Offer constructive suggestion and decision for company's investment and financing, participate in risk assessment.
5. responsible for export tax rebate.
6. Other responsibilities.

1. Extra year-end bonus according to the annual profit status besides 13 months salary.
2. 5 days annual leave after one year's employment.

Tel:021 -52042175
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